Back in 1984, Marine Corps veteran and entrepreneur Bob Parsons founded a financial software services company in his basement after teaching himself how to write computer programs.

The company, Parsons Technology, quickly grew into a 1,000-employee enterprise. Parsons then sold it to Intuit for $65 million in 1994.

Cos’è GoDaddy? Tutte le informazioni sul noto host web

After a brief attempt at retirement, Parsons founded a new company, Jomax Technologies, in 1997. But he soon felt that “Jomax Technologies” was not memorable enough, so it was decided that the name would be replaced with “Big Daddy” — and when the company discovered that domain name was already taken, they chose “GoDaddy” instead.

It didn’t take long for GoDaddy to become the leader of the domain registration industry. A contract with the National Science Foundation made Network Solutions the sole domain registrar until 1998, when the formation of ICANN opened the industry up to competition. Just seven years later, GoDaddy became the largest domain registrar, a title it has held ever since.

Today, GoDaddy offers a variety of services in addition to domain registration, including hosting as well as web design and marketing tools. The company now has over 9,000 employees and 20 million customers.

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